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As a wholly-own subsidiary of Baosteel Metal Ltd, a China corporation in Shanghai, BaoMET was established in the US to leverage Baosteel core capabilities in engineering and manufacturing, resources, channels, partner networks and Baosteel brand in China to create new businesses and services across borders. BaoMET key mission is to serve as Corporate Venture supporting the new business development in Baosteel. BaoMET Trading and Business Services provides a trading platform for products and services for partners in China and outside of China to accelerate development of products and business across borders.

We are pursuing strategic investments in technology-based companies targeting major industrial industries at all development stages.

Leveraging Baosteel core capabilities, resources and our trusted channels access to the China market, we can add significant value to our invested companies. As a world class top tier steel company in China, Baosteel has strong supply chains, logistics and channel access in major industrial segments from Automobile to Civil Aviation, from Industrial Gases to Oil and Gas, from Household Appliances to Infrastructure.

Corporate venture

Arising from China’s reform in early 80’s Baosteel was formed based on the technology transfer from Nippon Steel to become the most valued brand in China. Baosteel is an excellent example of a successful collaboration for technology and business between China and Japan.

We make investment in venture funds, direct investment in early stage companies globally as well as M&A of established business to support Baosteel growth inside and outside of China. We seek investment opportunities where our investment can create new business platform business for BaoSteel in China and where we can add value to the invested company by leveraging our resources and core competencies in China. BaoMET trading platform for products and services provides excellent and trusted channel for small companies to quickly validate its development products in a large China market without significant investment.

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Provide the trading platform for new products and services in/out of China markets.

BaoMET leverages Baosteel supply chain, logistics, channel access, trading know-how and years of experiences in providing solutions to facilitate trade such as consulting, importing & exporting in China serving major industries (including verification, international freight, customs clearance, customs inspection, storage, logistics, foreign exchange settlement, etc.) and risk sharing to clients who consult us on China market related issues (for example, new to selling or sourcing products or services to or from China, lack of required license, or lack of sale channels to major industries in China).

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Baosteel Resources Co., Ltd.

Baosteel Resources Co., Ltd.

Established on July 21, 2006, Baosteel Resources is a whollyowned subsidiary of Baosteel Group Corporation. It mainly deals with the investment, trade and logistics services of mineral resources, efforts to build service platform of resources investment, trade and comprehensive logistics for iron and steel and other fields.

On December 21, 2010 Baosteel Resources established an oversea headquarters in Hong Kong—Baosteel Resources (International) Limited, practicing double-headquarter operation from Shanghai and Hong Kong. Baosteel Resources (Singapore) Limited was formally established in 2012. So far Baosteel Resources formed a embryonic network pattern in global resources areas such as Australia, Africa, America and Southeast Asia.

In 2013 Baosteel Resources achieved operating revenue of RMB 44.873 billion.

Huabao Investment Co., Ltd.

Huabao Investment Co., Ltd.

Fortune Investment Co., Ltd. was established in March, 2007,with registered capital of RMB 6.869 billion. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. In accordance with the principles of corporate governance structure, it manages and controls financial institutions of Baosteel such as Hwabao Trust, Fortune SG,Hwabao Securities, etc. for promoting resource sharing and business interaction.

Fortune Investment Co., Ltd. dedicated to equity investment business, and selected outstanding enterprises for direct investment;while actively seeking investment opportunities of mainstream financial industry as well as upstream and downstream industry chain related to steel industry sector, it increased key investments in sectors such as public facilities, huge consumption, pharmaceuticals & medical and other anti-cyclical industries, and sectors such as energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials,high-end equipments and part of the high-tech sectors; in addition,it participated in the equity investment business indirectly by taking advantage of market-oriented operation.

Baosteel Comprehensive Industries Development Co., Ltd.

Baosteel Comprehensive Industries Development Co., Ltd.

Baosteel development Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group Corporation. Its predecessor was Baosteel General Enterprise Development Corporation which was founded in September. On October 12, 2007, through reform and reorganization,it was renamed as Baosteel Development Co., Ltd., which began to operate formally on January 1, 2008. Its registered capital is RMB 2.684 billion.

Its main businesses include comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, factory logistics, real estate management,production operation, life logistics, iron and steel trade, etc. It can provide integrated solutions of solid waste resources system for iron and steel enterprises and urban system, and dedicate itself to providing comprehensive solutions in plant environment services,factory services, industrial packaging services, facility services,comprehensive logistics trade and employee health services.

Baosteel development Co., Ltd. sets up 12 functional (operating) departments and 10 sub-execution units. In 2012 it realized operation revenue of RMB 16.1 billion with a total profit of RMB 50 million.

Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co., Ltd.

In 1985 the Phase I project of Baosteel Chemical was completed and put into operation. It grew to be a branch under Baosteel Co., Ltd. in May 2005 and resumed independent operation in September 2007,thereby becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Co., Ltd. In April 2009 Baosteel Chemical was included as one of the diversified businesses by Baosteel Group Corporation and was responsible for the development of coal chemical sector of Baosteel. It has a registered capital of RMB 2.11 billion.

The company boasts production bases such as Shanghai Baoshan,Nanjing Meishan and Suzhou Baohua Carbon Black, in addition to subsidiaries, i.e., Nanjing Baoning Chemical Co., Ltd., Sichuan Daxing Baohua Chemical Co., Ltd., Baosteel Chemical International Trade Co., Ltd. (Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone), Shanghai Bao Chemical E-commerce Co., Ltd., and Southeast Asia Representative Office and other agencies.

Baosteel Chemical achieved an operating income of RMB 11.5 billion and earned a profit of RMB 730 million in 2012.

Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Baosteel Engineering & Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Baosteel Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was established on August 5, 1999. Baosteel Group Corporation Engineering Technology Committee was set up in August 2009. In April 2010, the original Shanghai Baosteel Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., on the basis of incorporating and integrating relevant engineering technologies, steel structure business and resources, established a flagship company,which was renamed as Baosteel Engineering Technology Group Co., Ltd. Being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Group Corporation,it has a registered capital of RMB 2.82 billion.

In 2012 it fully realized RMB 16.4 billion in revenue and RMB 750 million in profit

Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd.

Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd.

Established on December 28, 2007 with a registered capital of RMB 4.05 billion, Baosteel Metal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baosteel Croup. The main business of Baosteel Metal includes metal packaging, industrial gas, metal products, and automobile trade, etc.

In 2012 it realized the operation revenue of RMB 11.47 billion and profit of RMB 300 million.

Baosteel Group Corporation
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Baosteel Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Baosteel) is a typical enterprise arising from China's reform and opening-up. The construction of Baosteel commenced on the bank of Yangtze River in north Shanghai on December 23rd, 1978, only one day after the closing of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh CPC Central Committee. After over 30 years of development, Baosteel has grown into China's most competitive iron and steel group with the highest level of modernization. At the end of 2012, Baosteel had a total of 130,401 employees located all across the world.

Baosteel, with its primary operation in iron and steel, produces premium iron and steel products with high technology contents and added values and has fostered three major product lines, namely carbon steel, stainless steel and special steel. These premium steel products not only cater to the domestic demands but are also exported to more than forty countries and regions through our worldwide marketing network for extensive application in industries such as automobile, household appliances, petrochemical, manufacture of machinery, energy, transportation, metalwork, aeronautics and astronautics, nuclear power and electronic instruments.

Centering on the requirements of its primary operation in iron and steel, Baosteel has also endeavored to develop a diversity of related industries with focuses on the steel supply chain, technical chain and resource chain, strengthening the integration of internal and external resources, uplifting its overall competitiveness and status in the industry. Now Baosteel has realized synergetic development between its primary operation in iron and steel and six related business segments, namely resource development and logistics, secondary steel processing, engineering and technology services, coal chemical, financial investment and production services.

In 2012, Baosteel achieved steel output of 43.83 million tons and a total profit of RMB 10.4 billion, ranking the second among the world’s iron and steel enterprises. This year, Baosteel has been listed among the Fortune Global 500 by the U.S. Fortune magazine for the tenth consecutive year and ranked 222nd. In addition, Baosteel has also been awarded the honor of the “World’s Most Admired Company” for another year and the highest credit ranking among the world’s iron and steel enterprises by the Big Three credit rating agencies, namely Standard & Poor's, Moody’s and Fitch Ratings. In 2012, Baosteel has been recognized jointly by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance as the "National Model Enterprise for Technological Innovation” and won the China Charity Award, the top government award in Chinese philanthropy, for the fourth consecutive year.

In 2012, Baosteel launched the compilation of the 2013-2018 development planning. In the new planning cycle, Baosteel will continue to explore new processes and develop new products to make iron and steel lighter, stronger and safer. Committed to becoming the leader of iron and steel technology, we, the Baosteel people, will leave our mark on the development history of the world’s metallurgical technology. Environment management is a creative strategic option of Baosteel, which is determined to work with the upstream and downstream industries together to improve environmental performances and become a driver of green industry chain through a firm anchor in green manufacturing and provision of green products. By offering vibrancy, confidence and growth, Baosteel provides a stage for achieving new career heights and is devoted to becoming a corporate paradigm for common development of staff and the Corporation.

Looking into the future, Baosteel will continue its strategic transformation from “iron and steel to materials, from manufacturing to services and from China to the world” and adhere to sincerity, friendship and creativity in the creation of shared values for all stakeholders.

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The appearance of China Pavilion is themed with the concept of “Oriental Crown”, which tells the soul and characters of Chinese culture and is also the main architecture of EXPO 2010 Shanghai. China Pavilion, located at the predominant place of the main entrance to the EXPO Site, occupies a land area of 6.25 ha, comprising China National Pavilion, China Provinces Joint Pavilion and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Pavilions, of which, China National Pavilion and China Provinces Joint Pavilion has a gross floor area of 140,000㎡. The steel structure utilized about 25,000 tons steels in total. China National Pavilion is lifted at the central part and built with many layers, featured with traditional arch-shape architecture, which is 63m high and has a gross floor area of over 70,000㎡. And all the steel structures of China National Pavilion and China Provinces Joint Pavilion are produced by Baosteel Metal.

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The National Stadium, nicknamed “Bird-nest” is the main venue of 29th Beijing Olympic Games. It locates in Beijing Olympic Park. During the 2008 Olympic Games, various sport events were held in the Stadium such as the opening and closing ceremonies, track and field events, men’s soccer final, etc. The Stadium has the audience capacity of 100,000 with 20,000 temporary seats. After the Olympic Games it still holds a capacity of 80,000 people, spatial enough for special and significant sport events, various conventional sport or non-sport events, and will become a gigantic and professional venue for citizens to attend and enjoy sports and entertaining activities, and has become a national landmark of sports and entertainment.

The design scheme of the National Stadium (“Bird-nest”) was confirmed after global design tender, and it was jointly designed by Swiss Herzog& de Meur on, ARUP and the design China Architecture Design &Research Group. The main body of the design is composed of a bowl seating area surrounded by a series of radiation doors steel truss. The novel and simplified space design, complete architecture and unique structure make the stadium special and unique both in China and in the world. The project consumed 45,000 tons of structural steel with an average steel beam length of 50-180m including the longest of over 300m. The pure and perfect architectural mage of the huge stadium is as if a bird nest woven by tree branches, and thus has been called “Bird-nest”.

The project was launched on 24 December 2003, and was completed and put into trial operation in 2007.

General Information

Shanghai World Financial Centre is located at the central part of Lujiazui Financial and Trade CBD area, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, which is a joint venture project among Forest Overseas Co., Ltd, the fully owned subsidiary of MORI Building and 36 enterprises such as Japanese-related banks, insurance companies and business firms, together with Japan OECF. The tower is 492 metres high and totals 101 levels, and becomes the first highest tower in the world by its net height. The land occupation area is 14,400㎡ while the gross floor area is 381,600㎡. The main tower body structure utilized 65,000 tons steels. The “reverse trapezium ”tower top, creative yet complicated, was built with the top-notch steel structure technologies, which is taken as another landmark of Shanghai, after Jin mao Tower and Oriental Pearl TV Tower. The main structure construction was completed in September 2007.

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The EXPO Culture Centre as one of the most important permanent pavilions of the EXPO 2010 Shanghai, located at the Pudong side of EXPO site, looks like a “UFO” landed from the outer space. The EXPO Culture Centre has a gross floor area of 80,000㎡, of which, upper levels have about 45,000㎡ and basement levels about 35,000㎡, and utilized over 30,000 tons steels for the structure. During the EXPO period, it was the venue for large-scale performances and events for EXPO, and will be converted after that to be a destination of Shanghai city tour for the concept of “An International Cultural Metropolis of Shanghai”. The steel structure of EXPO Culture Centre was produced by Baosteel Metal.

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